Within Flames


Staring through…

Alluring, enticing

The embers fight

Through rising light

Brightening the dead of night


Hungry, wanting

A catalyst, a source of energy

A reason to live, to grow

To consume and ravage

Anything that gets in its way


What a monster you are

What a fiendish entity

As I use you for warmth

You use me to feed you

Any forgotten stems or twigs

Who have seen better days

But never, ever again


Not another spring will they bloom,

Blossom and grow towards the sunlight

Now they are yours to keep

Inside your quivering heart


Please remember their journey

Don’t forget the dead

For a spot of rain is all it takes

For you to meet your own demise


But if you keep this promise

To be humble, modest and meek

I will remember you


Keep me warm just one last time

Or try to devour me

It is your choice now