Winter Warmth

Cold is invading my temperamental shell as I fade in and out of consciousness. Winter has arrived, for the night at least. I don’t really mind the cold, but there is an unmistakable lifeless feeling that encroaches me when I think of the foliage, trees- almost nature itself- dying. It’s still beautiful though, the cold is. It’s something that can inspire togetherness. One warm body can warm another in times of chilliness, and it’s that simple transaction- from cold to warm, from lost to found, from unwanted to loved- that throws a little spice into the dreary mix that winter portrays.

The sun is slowly churning its way away from us for the season as the winter solstice approaches. It’s leaving us temporarily, but we will continue to search for warmth, just as birds do as they migrate across the country towards the South.

Scientists can’t seem to make or find perpetual motion, but all they have to do is look around. The universe in itself is always moving, and will continue to move until the end of our time. It exists in nature as life cycles as well. Harnessing perpetual motion is an impossible ideology that we created to try to soothe our wanting minds. We cannot harness the universe or the complete cycle of life, but we can observe these things and use what we observe to benefit us to the greatest extent.

2 Responses

  1. I work outside all year round, it’s freezing at the moment and too wet and windy to work today. I have learnt to appreciate all the seasons and temperatures as they all have their upsides and downsides. Nice blog by the way!

  2. All the seasons offer new life and inspiration. I enjoy each unique and different mood a new day brings. The perpetual motion of which you speak is our grasp of the universe and it’s magnificants.

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