Support Incentives for Clean Energy Jobs

Support incentives for clean energy jobs

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The Petition Reads:

Dear Members of Congress:

“I urge you to support tax incentives for renewable energy. These incentives help create jobs and lower greenhouse gases. They are the kind of policies that will help solve the climate crisis.”

By raising your voice on the issue of clean energy, you’re in some very good company. A great many Unlikely Alliances have formed to make the call for clean power:

  • The United Steelworkers, as part of the Blue-Green Alliance, have joined the We Campaign. They see the great jobs potential in the renewable energy sector, and they want safe and affordable energy sources for our manufacturing sector.
  • Green For All brings renewable energy jobs right to the heart of America’s inner cities. They are unifying diverse urban communities around a clean energy future.
  • The 25 x ’25 Alliance, based largely in America’s Farm Belt, is pushing the U.S. to derive 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025. It’s an ambitious, but attainable, goal – so long as Congress acts.
  • Read more about clean energy tax incentives.

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    No Vacation for School Lunches

    No Vacation for School Lunches

    When children clean out their lockers and say farewell to school for the summer, there are some things they won’t miss. Tests. Homework. Alarm clocks. But for the 16 million children who are eligible for the free or reduced-price lunches over the summer, there’s one thing they could miss—lunch. When the school year ends, 80% of participants—more than 12.2 million children—lose access to federal meal programs.

    For more than a decade, the Sodexo Foundation has helped cities across the country bridge that gap with Feeding Our Future, a summer lunch program serving more than 7,000 children nationwide.

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    Students Fit Volunteering into Summer Plans

    The fight against hunger is waged with enthusiasm and commitment by students of all ages across the country. They volunteer at shelters and food banks and organize hunger awareness programs. Many college students participate in The Campus Kitchens Project, for which the Sodexo Foundation provided the seed money and continues to support at colleges nationwide.

    During the school year it’s easy to find a “home” on campus for volunteer activities—every bulletin board and school web site is full of opportunities. During the summer, it takes a bit more work, but organizations with national reach are just waiting for young people to sign up for a day, a week, or more of volunteering, wherever their travels take them.

    To keep your fight against hunger going all year long, click on any of the links below for location information.