The Optimism Test

Take the Optimism Test!

Reply with your Optimism Scores.  I am looking forward to the results and after I get a few comments, I will show my own score.


Have fun! 🙂

4 Responses

  1. My score was 58, but these tests are always so one-dimensional. Personally, I’d classify myself as a living pendulum, either thrilled or dejected. Sometimes I bound of out bed, and feel unstoppable. Other times it takes me hours to reach full speed whether I look like I’m working or not.
    And nuclear power? I can’t answer pro or con. It’s terribly complex. And because I know it’s complex, I won’t say, “I know nothing about it.” If anything, I know too much about it to trust it to politicians and corporations.
    I’ve read positive thinking books and learned all kinds of techniques for optimistic thinking. Few things depress me more.

  2. You are right. Just because you get a score on an online test doesn’t mean you are necessarily that optimistic. Only you can truly know how you feel about yourself and the world. Some days are just worse than others, and a test can’t show that.

    Thank you for being honest!


  3. This was fun and I only got a 75. I was conscious of the fact that my score might be lower than I know myself to be, because some of the selections didn’t fit me. I enjoyed the experience–thank you.

    You have an amazing blog. Keep up the good work!

  4. I scored 78 – thanks for the test it was fun 🙂

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